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Frequently Asked Questions

We are the agency who always gives you a priority on the free of question and you can easily make a question on the bunch.

  • How Long Does Web Development Normally Take?

    It very much depends on the project & requirments by the customer! Some simple or local websites can be finished in about a week., For the most part, the average small business website will take anywhere from one and a half weeks to a few months.

  • Does a Better Website Make More Money?

    The short answer is yes, a better website will almost always result in more sales. However, there are a large amount of factors that can affect how much a website makes outside of just the design.

  • What Makes Growth Catalyst Different as a Web Design Company?

    We’ve been watching the trend coming for a long time, websites which are highly targeted locally will perform very well in capturing new traffic. With that in mind, our small business clients benefit from a laser-targeted focus on local markets with a eye toward future scaling.

  • Can you help my current site look more professional?

    Yes. Give us your requirements and we have experienced expertise to help you give a new professional look that really whistles!

  • Do you work internationally?

    Of course! With the advent of online conference tools such as Zoom,, and of course Skype, just to name a few, it makes working with businesses anywhere in the world straight forward enough.

  • Can you help with my social media?

    Afraid not. We specialise in web design & Social Media Marketing. We are a “jack of all” kind of agency (ie. a digital solutions agency). If you’re after one of those, we’re there for you!

  • Can you help me rank high in Google?

    A page one position in the Google search results is like gold dust. Not so long ago it was relatively easy to achieve. These days it’s a lot more challenging, and getting it wrong can affect your reputation. Thankfully we have all the SEO tools and know-how to maximise your chances and some happy customers to vouch for us.

  • Can you build apps for both iOS and Android?

    Yes, most of the apps we make support both iOS and Android mobile platforms. It’s common for people to want their applications to work across web and mobile devices, so we use development frameworks such as React and React native that enable us to quickly support both platforms.